Simple, Dignified, Inexpensive Cremation or Burial
An Important letter from the President of The SDMS, John W. Nugent.

San Diego Memorial Society is a nonprofit membership organization. The Society works with participating mortuaries to provide cremation and burial plans for members at negotiated prices and takes action as a consumer advocacy group with various government bodies.

Commercial funeral services are commonly held at a house of worship or at a mortuary chapel with the body of the deceased present. The casket can be either opened or closed. Memorial services are held without the body present, and so may be held at any time and in a variety of settings such as in a private home where space allows, or the beach, a park, or any appropriate venue. San Diego Memorial Society encourages memorial services after a simple and dignified disposition of the body by either cremation or burial. This choice is inexpensive and therapeutic.

We advocate focus on celebrating the life of the deceased, rather than on the remains present in the room. We think this is a more appropriate attitude. This focus is compatible with a meaningful religious ceremony. Almost all religions accept this viewpoint and support the mission of San Diego Memorial Society. The difference is not just philosophical. It has distinct economic benefits as well. The services selected by Society members are substantially less expensive than those which may include embalming, costly caskets or rental fees for a mortuary chapel.

For more information about organizations like the San Diego Memorial Society and the funeral industry in general, visit the Web site of our national organization, Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA).