Simple, Dignified, Inexpensive Cremation or Burial

San Diego Memorial Society

San Diego Memorial Society is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1958 to help members obtain simple, dignified, inexpensive arrangements for cremation or burial. It does this by working with participating mortuaries to provide services to members at low pre-established prices.

The Society does not sell insurance or “prepaid burial plans.” It is not a mortuary or a for-profit business. Its orientation is focused on consumer protection and it is led by a volunteer, unpaid Board of Directors elected by the membership.

The Society makes arrangements with participating mortuaries to provide for basic services at low, fully transparent prices. For a modest one-time nonrefundable lifetime membership fee you can join now. Membership is open to all.

Executive Director
Barbara Thomson

Heather Simonson – President
Michael Mike Cooney - Vice President
Elaine G Durson – Secretary
Kent S Stallman – Treasurer

Jackie Hay — Director
Angel Kearney - Director
Jeff V Paden — Director
Terry P Pesta — Director
Victor Savino – Director
Peggy J Graf – Director
Rosemary V Patterson – Director

Timothy Jenkins – Chairman of the Board