San Diego memorial society rights and responsibilities of membership your membership entitles you to:

1. Information and educational materials about cremation and burial options.

2. Planning documents to authorize your choice of final arrangements.

3. Several newsletters each year to keep you up to date on what is going on with your Society.

4. Discounted prices at any SDMS participating mortuary.

5. To be treated with dignity and respect by both the Society and the participating mortuaries and cemetery.

6. Freedom from sales pressure at any participating mortuary.

7. Participation in the democratic process of the organization by attending and voting at our annual meeting as well as standing for election to the SDMS Board of Directors.

You have a responsibility to:

1. Educate yourself about end-of-life options and how to make cremation or burial arrangements.

2. Choose the type of end-of-life arrangements you would like and legally authorize them by completing the Final Planning Book.

3. Put detailed information in writing by completing the Final Planning Book.

4. Discuss your wishes with your family or survivors and make sure they understand what actions to take at the time of your death.

5. Inform your survivors if there are any funds set aside for your funeral expenses; Membership in the San Diego Memorial Society is not a prepaid funeral plan!

6. Inform the San Diego Memorial Society if you move or change your name or e-mail address.

7. Promote and support the work of the San Diego Memorial Society so that it may stay available for future generations.