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Transporting Ashes

The loss of a loved one is an emotionally challenging time, and the process of transporting their ashes adds another layer of complexity. Here are some details.

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Need a Headstone, Bench, or Monument?

If you're in San Diego County and need a headstone or other type of burial marker check out Conti and Son Monument Company. They have several offerings including: Flat Grass Markers While the size of the marker you can put on Read More →

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Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

This article comes from Levon and Perconti Law Firm What is Nursing Home Abuse? Types of Nursing Home Abuse Signs that Someone May Be Abusing Your Elderly Loved One Why Does Nursing Home Abuse Happen? COVID-19 and Nursing Home Abuse Alzheimer’s/Dementia Read More →

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What Happens to Your Body After You Die

Rudee Slavik, previously the Funeral Director at Legacy Funeral Care, and our current President, gives us inside details and options about what happens after death occurs. This was a fascinating and informative talk that many of the members have called or Read More →

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News from FCA National

October 20, 2022 Dear friends, leaders, donors, and supporters, This is it. The biggest victory for funeral consumers since the Funeral Rule was made effective in 1984. And your dollars, your volunteering, and your support, made sure this happened. Thank you! Read More →

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Looking to Lower Your Funeral or Cremation Costs? Join a Non-Profit Memorial Society

Some FCA affiliates have formal commitments with reputable licensed Funeral Directors to provide cremation or burial services for a pre-determined maximum cost. That cost is almost always lower than the cost to the general public. When you join, you have to outline your disposition preferences upon death. Do you want direct cremation, direct cremation with memorial service, direct burial, direct burial with graveside service or do you want a complete funeral? Maybe you want to donate your body to science at a medical teaching facility?

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