What Is Aquamation?

Aquamation – also known as biocremation, resomation, flameless cremation, and water cremation – uses alkaline hydrolysis to dispose of human or animal remains. Touted as an eco-friendly alternative to cremation, it uses a heated alkaline solution to break down the body, leaving behind only the skeleton.

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Cremation Information

This information is from the Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cemetery Purchases https://www.cfb.ca.gov/consumer/funeral.shtml CREMATION INFORMATION California law requires written acknowledgment of the following disclosure when cremation is to take place: "The human body burns with the casket, container, or other material Read More →

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San Diego Memorial Society Rights and Responsibilities of Membership

YOUR MEMBERSHIP ENTITLES YOU TO: Information and educational materials about cremation and burial options. Planning documents to authorize your choice of final arrangements. Several newsletters each year to keep you up to date on what is going on with your Society. Discounted Read More →

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What Shall We Do With the Ashes?

What Shall We Do With the Ashes (Cremains)?  by David Brown When a person has selected cremation and that process has been carried out, the ashes have a volume roughly that of a five pound sack of sugar plus a bit Read More →

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