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  • Low cost burial and cremation

Testimonials from our members

Here are two of the recent testimonials that our members have sent to us: Dearest San Diego Memorial Society Board, I became a member in 2008 as a precautionary measure to declining health.  I have lived another decade and was gifted with my husbands presence at your recent Annual Board Meeting. I am writing today to thank you so Read More →

  • Trauma Intervention Programs

TIP – San Diego’s Trauma Intervention Programs

What happens when tragedy strikes? Several times a month I get a call saying, “I’m here with a family and they have just lost their loved one.” I know that family is in good hands, and that I am talking to a TIP volunteer. When a tragedy of any sort happens in San Diego County the TIP (Trauma Intervention Read More →

  • death cafes

With assisted suicide overturned, options can help dignify death

Death cafes, doulas aim to bring comfort in final days With assisted suicide overturned, options can help dignify death By Peter Rowe Anita Neff may not be the last person you’d want to meet, but she may be the person you’d want to meet last. “I’m a death angel,” she said. As an end-of-life doula, Neff sits with the Read More →

  • Direct Cremation

Shopping for Funerals & Direct Cremation

Shopping for Funerals by Diccon Hyatt (with comments about Direct Cremation in blue by the staff at San Diego Memorial Society) When it comes to funeral services, the old saying that “you get what you pay for,” couldn’t be further from the truth. For example, Fertig Funeral Home in Mullica Hill will perform a “direct cremation” service for $525 plus Read More →

  • What shall we do with the ashes?

What Shall We Do With the Ashes?

What Shall We Do With the Ashes (Cremains)?  by David Brown When a person has selected cremation and that process has been carried out, the ashes have a volume roughly that of a five pound sack of sugar plus a bit more. The bone fragments are pulverized to about kitty litter texture. Depending on the fuel and temperature used, Read More →

  • What do I do when someone dies?

What do I do when someone dies?

If a death occurs in San Diego County follow these guidelines: What do I do when someone dies? #1 Notify the Proper Authorities At Home or at Work When someone dies at home or at work, emergency medical personnel must be contacted, and the death must be reported, usually by calling 911.  The San Diego Corner's Office  (858) 694-2895 will determine if Read More →


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