• Neptune Society

Neptune Society and Trident Society – Settlement with California AG

Funeral service provider agrees to $23M to Bay Area counties for deceptive marketing. The nation's largest funeral company has agreed to pay $23 million to settle charges that it used deceptive marketing practices related to its prepaid cremation services in California.

  • death of an infant

Help With the Death of an Infant

If you have the sad situation of the loss of an unborn child, we sympathize with you. We hope this list of resources may be helpful. This information is courtesy of Buzzy Bees: https://buzzysbees.org/resources/ Funeral Cost Assistance Final Farewell Final Farewell helps families provide an affordable funeral for a loved child.  We provide financial assistance, advice and guidance.  We’ve helpedRead More →

  • Physician Aid in Dying

Physician Aid in Dying In San Diego

This information about California's End of Life Option Act (EOLA) and the physician aid in dying (AID) process is provided to help UC San Diego Health patients and their loved ones understand how this law works. If you are not a patient at UC San Diego Health you may want to discuss this with your own doctor or health group.Read More →

  • burial options

How to Plan for Death

Planning ahead for death is not nearly as complicated or time-consuming as people think. Sure, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to planning for an impending death in the family or even your own. We know for sure that if you wait until after the death has occurred, you will generally pay too much atRead More →

  • green burial

Green Burial in San Diego County

Embracing Eco-Friendly Farewells: The Interest in Green Burials in San Diego County and Across the US In a world that increasingly values sustainability and environmental consciousness, it comes as no surprise that our choices are extending even into the realm of the afterlife. San Diego County, despite its commitment to eco-friendly practices, has not really devoted much space to thisRead More →

  • green burial

Why I Couldn’t Bury Mom: a SoCal Story

By Paul Thornton To get a sense of how progressive ideals don’t always reflect actual practice, try burying a dead relative in Southern California. You’ll find that even in this land, where people talk about sustainability, saying farewell in an environmentally responsible manner is, for most people, nearly impossible. I came to grips with that reality in August when myRead More →

  • Palliative Care and Hospice Care

Palliative and Hospice Care – What Are The Differences?

Do not confuse hospice with palliative care – they are NOT the same thing.    Some confusion may arise because when a doctor becomes a palliative care physician, they earn a  board certification in hospice and palliative care. As a palliative care specialist, your focus is not just on your patient’s survival, but on his or her quality of life and overallRead More →

What Happens to Gold Teeth After Death?

This may be a weird question. Can we get the gold teeth back? When a family is having a loved one cremated, many ask this question. We hear it on almost a daily basis. So we don’t find it weird at all to wonder what happens to the gold teeth. However, it does not have a simple answer. Let’s getRead More →

  • Transporting ashes

Transporting Ashes

The loss of a loved one is an emotionally challenging time, and the process of transporting their ashes adds another layer of complexity. Here are some details.

Need a Headstone, Bench, or Monument?

If you're in San Diego County and need a headstone or other type of burial marker check out Conti and Son Monument Company. They have several offerings including: Flat Grass Markers While the size of the marker you can put on a gravesite is controlled by the cemetery, you do have some choices such as granite color, design, what youRead More →

  • insurance scams

A Guide to Recognizing and Preventing Life Insurance Scams

article by SelectQuote Original Article Here Having a secure life insurance policy is one of the many ways you can ensure your loved ones are financially taken care of in the event of your passing. Life insurance policies not only cover funeral expenses, but they may also cover outstanding debts (in full or part, depending), and assist with living expenses.Read More →

  • Body Composting

Green Burials, Body Composting, and More…

The way we honor the dead is changing: • The status quo: Today, the vast majority of Americans are either embalmed and buried or cremated with fire after their death. • The shift: A small, yet growing number of people are starting to choose options outside this binary. • The impact: If the trend continues, tomorrow’s funerals could be greenerRead More →

  • nursing-home-abuse

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

This article comes from Levon and Perconti Law Firm What is Nursing Home Abuse? Types of Nursing Home Abuse Signs that Someone May Be Abusing Your Elderly Loved One Why Does Nursing Home Abuse Happen? COVID-19 and Nursing Home Abuse Alzheimer’s/Dementia Abuse Nursing Home Abuse Statistics Reporting Nursing Home Abuse How to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse With over 15,000 nursingRead More →

  • what happens after death

What Happens to Your Body After You Die

Rudee Slavik, previously the Funeral Director at Legacy Funeral Care, and our current President, gives us inside details and options about what happens after death occurs. This was a fascinating and informative talk that many of the members have called or written to thank us for. And they also ask to see it again! So here it is: We haveRead More →

  • funeral consumers alliance

News from FCA National

October 20, 2022 Dear friends, leaders, donors, and supporters, This is it. The biggest victory for funeral consumers since the Funeral Rule was made effective in 1984. And your dollars, your volunteering, and your support, made sure this happened. Thank you! Today at a public hearing, the Federal Trade Commission voted to propose new rules to protect funeral consumers. TheRead More →


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