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  • What do I do when someone dies?

What do I do when someone dies?

If a death occurs in San Diego County follow these guidelines: What do I do when someone dies? #1 Notify the Proper Authorities At Home or at Work When someone dies at home or at work, emergency medical personnel must be contacted, and the death must be reported, usually by calling 911.  The San Diego Corner's Office  (858) 694-2895 will determine if Read More →

  • San Diego Funerals

San Diego Funerals – Common Funeral Myths

Are you wondering about San Diego Funerals and common funeral myths? Embalming is required by law. Embalming is NEVER required for the first 24 hours. In many states, it’s not required at all under any circumstances. Refrigeration is almost always an alternative to embalming if there will be a delay before final disposition. Embalming protects the public health. There Read More →

  • body transport after death

Death in One State, Burial in Another – Body Transport After Death

What Happens When A Loved One Dies in Another State and Body Transport After Death is Considered? In our mobile society, death arrangements often cross state lines. Even though the shipping of cremated remains is far less expensive than body-shipping, cremation is not an option for many families. What are the ways to cut costs on body transport after death Read More →

  • Help Grieving People

How to Help Grieving People

What You Can Do? What You Can Say? Relatives, friends and neighbors are supportive at the time of a death, during the wake and funeral. Food, flowers and physical presence are among the many thoughtful expressions.  After the funeral, however, you can help grieving people as they move forward. This is when they need it most.  They need your Read More →

  • pre-planning funeral

Should I Prepay For My Funeral?

What is "Preneed" or "Prepay Funeral Expenses? "Preneed" is a term coined by the funeral industry to describe the arrangement and payment of a funeral prior to death. Obviously, if you are to have any say in it, you must plan in advance of your death and consider the option of a prepay funeral. "Pre-arrangement" is also used interchangeably Read More →

  • save money on funeral

Twelve Reasons Why People Spend Too Much for a Funeral

It's easy to spend too much... Here's why: 1. Fulfilling the role of grieving "helplessness." Many people feel so devastated and overwhelmed at a time of death that they assume they should leave all funeral planning to the funeral director. Said one mortician, "That's like giving the funeral director a blank check." Being actively involved in funeral planning can be Read More →


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