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What Is Aquamation?

Aquamation – also known as biocremation, resomation, flameless cremation, and water cremation – uses alkaline hydrolysis to dispose of human or animal remains. Touted as an eco-friendly alternative to cremation, it uses a heated alkaline solution to break down the body, leaving behind only the skeleton.

Get Your Ducks in a Row!

The San Diego Memorial Society strongly encourages everyone to get their end-of-life affairs in order. Failure to do so can cause your survivors unnecessary stress, as well as potentially thousands of dollars of unnecessary expenses.

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How to Write an Obituary

This article comes from FuneralHomes.com Losing a loved one is one of the most emotionally challenging things we can face in our lives. Writing an obituary can help us memorialize the life and legacy of a special person we lost, as well as create a meaningful, lasting tribute to them in their honor. As you are grieving and mourning your Read More →

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Death Away From Home

Death away from home brings a lot of questions. If you have a loved one who has passed in another state or country, we hope this article will help.

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Pre-Need Questions and Answers

This article is from the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau of California Pre-need Q & A Read online Printer Friendly Version A guide to making advance funeral and cemetery arrangements. When you make funeral and cemetery arrangements in advance, you ensure that your final wishes are carried out, and you spare your family the burden of making choices at Read More →

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6 Things Funeral Homes May Not Tell You

Updated and adapted from the book "1,001 Things They Won't Tell You: An Insider's Guide to Spending, Saving, and Living Wisely," by Jonathan Dahl and the editors of SmartMoney. Additionally edited by Andrea Barnes, San Diego Memorial Society, Sept. 19, 2021 There's no need to shop around. All mortuaries charge about the same thing. Uh, not so fast... First some Read More →

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Death in One State and Need Burial in Another

I recently had a call from a fellow in Ohio who wants to be buried with his family in San Diego. He told me he has no family or friends to help out with things at the end. So, it was important that he have everything dialed in beforehand. I explained to him that he will need to get things Read More →

  • Plan Ahead for the Death of a Loved One

How Can I Plan Ahead for the Death of a Loved One?

If you live in San Diego County you can call us and sign up your loved one as a member of the San Diego Memorial Society. We have 11 contracted mortuaries to choose from. Once the time of death arrives, the mortuary is called, the membership number is given to them, and the discounts are applied. Click here to apply. Read More →

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The Most Effective Alternatives to Life Insurance

Many look for life insurance as a financial safety net. However, if you’ve been rejected for life insurance in the past, then you’re probably looking for alternatives to your life insurance. An effective money management strategy is something that many individuals should be looking for, even in cases of life insurance not paying out. Life insurance companies only make money Read More →

  • Do I need a trust

Many people wonder if they need a trust. What are the asset limits that you must consider? What happens if you don't have a trust? We have some answers.

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How to Plan a Memorial Service

Need to plan a Celebration of LIfe service? Here are some tips on how to set the tone, who to invite, what special touches can be done to make it a memorable day.

  • When death occurs

Actions and Decisions to be Made after a Death has Occurred

Who to call FIRST … Hospice Nurse (if the deceased was in hospice care) or Call the Sheriff's Office at (858) 565-5200 if death occurs somewhere other than a nursing home or medical facility Next, decide whether to: Use a funeral home - See our list of privately owned mortuaries that we have pre-negotiated the pricing.  or Have family and Read More →

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After-Death Checklist for Survivors

Many people find that having a checklist of decisions to be made and tasks to be done when a death occurs helps them to be better organized and, thus, reduces some of the anxiety associated with an emotional time. We hope you find this checklist helpful. Decide who will do what tasks Contact those who will take on responsibilities Have Read More →


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