Here are two of the recent testimonials that our members have sent to us:

Dearest San Diego Memorial Society Board,

I became a member in 2008 as a precautionary measure to declining health.  I have lived another decade and was gifted with my husbands presence at your recent Annual Board Meeting.

I am writing today to thank you so much for the information given, the encouragement offered and the motivation it brought for us to put our final arrangements into force.

We chose the Legacy Funeral Home and were so appreciative of Victor Savino and his very professional assistance.  He honored the SDMS prices, with both of us being retired military, chose plan 4 for traditional burial at Miramar National Cemetery.   We actually viewed one of the Legacy burials at Miramar Cemetery recently, and were comforted to see what Vic informed us would happen, actually did happen.

With surgery ahead, and heeding the advice shared at the Annual Meeting to secure the POLST document, we feel a great relief.  We can only thank all of you who  have kept this helpful assistance alive and well over the years, and although we do not know when it will be needed…we do know it is inevitable.

With Grateful Hearts of Appreciation,
James and Marianne Reynolds




And from another member whose wife passed recently taken from a voice mail he left:

This call is for Andrea, we spoke last week shortly after my wife passed. I just wanted to let you know that my wife had a pre-arranged plan with Humphreys mortuary and they honored that. They did a great job with everything that needed to be done. We got everything taken care of everything  in one sitting. They were very kind. I’d also like to thank the San Diego Memorial Society for what you do in regards to operating the Society.

I got the bill in the mail today and it was just as I had anticipated it to be based on the agreement the Memorial Society made with the mortuary.

Grant Yoders


Here is another summary of a call that recently came in to the office:

Joe said that he went into Legacy mortuary and got everything prepared and set up. He wanted to make sure things were set up so his kids didn’t have to worry about his funeral arrangements. He said they made it very easy. He feels like he’s good to go!  <grin> He added, “I would highly recommend Legacy Mortuary with Vic and Nadine.

Testimonial from Joe Flynn.