Six Plans

The San Diego Memorial Society has pre-arranged six plans and each is available from at least one of our participating mortuaries:


You may pay the current established price for the plan of your choice in advance, or you may pay the price negotiated by the Society that is in effect at time of need. In any event, whether one prepays for the plan, or not, prices are always lower than those paid by nonmembers. In fact, they are often much lower. Additional goods and services that are not included in a plan are available from participating mortuaries at extra cost.

The mortuary will pick up the body anywhere in San Diego County, obtain the necessary permits, licenses and certificates and provide the other services of the plan you choose. The Memorial Society monitors the performance of participating mortuaries.

Preplanning will give you peace of mind now and spare your survivors difficult or painful decisions at a time of grief and vulnerability. Handling business matters when one is about to die or when mourning the loss of a loved one can be mind-numbing, or worse. So, even in the best circumstances your survivors will appreciate it when you prearrange things.

Details, instructions and information about related matters are provided in the new member packet sent to new members when they join the Society.

Benefits With Traveling

The San Diego Memorial Society is one of over 100 similar organizations in the United States that are affiliated with the Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA). Through reciprocity with these many affiliates, members can usually receive assistance if death occurs while traveling. For information when away from the San Diego area, you can call the FCA at its toll free number: 1-800-865-8300.