Websites with Information on Grief, Terminal Illness, Hospice Care and Related Information

Guide to Planning an Accessible Funeral Service
A Guide for Families and Individuals

Legacy Headstones
Creating quality headstones for graves is not just what we do it is who we are, and it has been since our family started this business in 1920.

Information on Grief 
Find out how to cope, how to help loved ones, and what to expect.

Online Memorial from Coworkers, Family, & Friends
Set up your loved ones obituary and allow others to remark on their friendship and memories with that person

Veterans and Asbestos Exposure
Information on Mesothelioma

Nursing Home Abuse and Veterans
Protecting Veterans in Nursing Homes

Assisted Living Facilites
See a comprehensive list of Assisted Living facilities in the area.

Information for Widows
Grants, Benefits & Other Financial Assistance for Widows

Body Transport
Do you need a loved one’s body transported from one location to another. We have not used these folks but it might be helpful.

Learn Finances
Full of information about how to become finance literate. Includes videos and more!

The Last Journey
This website explores advance planning, coping with chronic illness, caregiver support, and much more.

The Hemlock Society of San Diego
Provides education to the San Diego community about all end of life choices.

Depression in the Face of a Terminal Illness and Death

How to Create a Peaceful At-Home Hospice for Your Loved One

Anticipatory Grief: Information for Patients and Families

Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Helping a Child Cope with Grief and Loss

7 Ways to Help a Child with Autism Deal with Death 

9 Ways to Deal With the Suicide of a Child

Funeral and Burial Insurance

Mesothelioma Guidebook

Additional Links to Publications:

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