In Need of Low Cost Cremation or Burial?

The San Diego Memorial Society would like to let you know that all our mortuaries are accepting Covid19 patients. In addition:

  • They will all accommodate direct burial or cremation
  • Some will allow services limited to no more than 10 at a time and then stagger the viewing times.
  • All can do distance arrangements via phone, email, fax, text & mail
  • They need to be informed of the patients diagnosis prior to pick up

For a complete price list from our San Diego mortuaries click here ->

How does the San Diego Memorial Society Work?

The San Diego Memorial Society is a 501 (c) 4 nonprofit organization incorporated in 1958. We are a nonprofit organization that assists our members with obtaining simple, dignified, inexpensive cremation or burial arrangements. We do this by working with participating mortuaries to provide services to our members at low prices that we have pre-established with each mortuary. Don’t pay too much! 

ONE TIME $55 MEMBERSHIP FEE          CALL TODAY 858-391-1267


Need low cost cremation or burial plans?

We partner with 10 participating mortuaries in San Diego County. They have agreed to offer our members their very lowest prices. So if you are facing the death of a loved one, or simply planning ahead you can be assured of the lowest prices anywhere in San Diego County.

Planning ahead for the inevitable saves money!

If you do not plan for your burial or cremation your loved ones will almost certainly pay too much. Most people simply do not make great decisions when they are grieving. Planning ahead allows for peace of mind and the knowledge you won’t pay too much at the end.


Click here to see a list of our participating mortuaries.

Join Today

We are your non-profit, non-pressure alternative to the high cost of funerals.

Whether you are looking for a simple cremation or a full funeral with the service and viewing you can count on us. We make sure our members never pay to much no matter what type of after death arrangement you are making.

When you join the Society for only a $55 one-time fee we send you a membership card with your member number.
When the time comes simply contact the mortuary of your choice from our list. Then you can call to make the arrangements.
If you are already facing the death of a loved one you can still sign them up to receive the special pricing.

Just call today 858-391-1267

Join today and your one-time $55 lifetime membership fee can be paid today and you are instantly a member allowing you discounts at 10 San Diego mortuaries.

BENEFITS EVEN WHILE TRAVELING OR IF YOU MOVE: With over 100 sisters organizations your membership can be easily transferred.

Join today enjoy the peace of mind that pre-planning brings. Veteran benefits do not cover funeral costs, only burial benefits.



Direct Cremation with return of cremains to family or friend.


Direct Cremation with un-witnessed scatting at sea, delivery to cemetery or mailed to destination of choice in U.S.


Immediate Burial, simple casket


Traditional Funeral with viewing, casket, full service and Burial.


Traditional Funeral with Cremation, viewing, casket, chapel service.


Cremation with Memorial Service.

More about the San Diego Memorial Society

  • San Diego Memorial Society is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1958 to help members obtain simple, dignified, inexpensive arrangements for cremation or burial.
  • We work with participating mortuaries to provide low cost cremation or burial services to members at low pre-established prices.
  • The Society does not sell insurance or “prepaid burial plans.”
  • We are not a mortuary or a for-profit business.
  • Our orientation is focused on consumer protection and it is led by a volunteer, unpaid Board of Directors elected by the membership.
  • We work with participating mortuaries to provide for basic low cost cremation and burial services at low, fully transparent prices.

How Can You Join the San Diego Memorial Society?

  • Joining the San Diego Memorial Society is easy! Click here for the online form.
  • A modest, one-time, nonrefundable membership is all you need.
  • Call today to get signed up. Offering low cost cremation & burial plans. It only takes a few minutes. 858-391-1267
  • Membership is open to all. If you’re looking for low cost cremation services or low cost funeral services in San Diego CALL US TODAY
  • The San Diego Memorial Society is a member of the FCA (Funeral Consumers Alliance) There are sister organizations all over the US. So if you’re traveling you might be able to have coverage.

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