Shopping for Funerals & Direct Cremation

Shopping for Funerals by Diccon Hyatt (with comments about Direct Cremation in blue by the staff at San Diego Memorial Society) When it comes to funeral services, the old saying that “you get what you pay for,” couldn’t be further from the Read More →

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San Diego Funerals – Common Funeral Myths

Are you wondering about San Diego Funerals and common funeral myths? Embalming is required by law. Embalming is NEVER required for the first 24 hours. In many states, it’s not required at all under any circumstances. Refrigeration is almost always an Read More →

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Death in One State, Burial in Another – Body Transport After Death

What Happens When A Loved One Dies in Another State and Body Transport After Death is Considered? In our mobile society, death arrangements often cross state lines. Even though the shipping of cremated remains is far less expensive than body-shipping, cremation Read More →

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Twelve Reasons Why People Spend Too Much for a Funeral

It's easy to spend too much... Here's why: 1. Fulfilling the role of grieving "helplessness." Many people feel so devastated and overwhelmed at a time of death that they assume they should leave all funeral planning to the funeral director. Said one Read More →

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Simple Burial and Cremation Information

History of the "traditional" funeral and simple burial practices In early America, home funerals were the practice everywhere, and each community had a group of women who came in to help with the "laying out of the dead." Visitation was held Read More →

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