Planning a Funeral | 5 Key Tips

Planning a Funeral and/or making funeral arrangements at the last minute can be stressful, expensive, and disappointing in terms of services received. Planning ahead can provide the following benefits: Large cost savings, quite possibly cutting funeral costs by half.• Funeral service Read More →

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Financial Assistance for Funerals

Financial Assistance for Funerals: Information and Resources BA-FCA cannot provide direct financial assistance for funerals or death care, but we can help you find the best prices in the Bay Area for simple funeral arrangements, and we can direct you to some sources Read More →

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Funeral Consumer Information

For questions, contact Josh Slocum, Executive Director, Funeral Consumers Alliance, 802-233-6326, The Federal Trade Commission requires all funeral homes to give consumers price quotes by phone, and to give them a printed complete price list when they show up in Read More →

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How to avoid overpaying on funeral arrangements 

Consumers who know what different options are available to them can avoid overpaying for funerals or other after-death care. Here are 12 cost-saving suggestions. Ask your loved ones what their funeral wishes are so you can do what they want vs. Read More →

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What Kind of Funeral Help Does The San Diego Memorial Society Provide?

San Diego Memorial Society - Funeral Help Serving San Diego County Since 1958 History: Founded by group from a local church because of the reaction to high cost of funerals. We provide funeral help. Became affiliated with Funeral Consumers Alliance in Read More →

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Funerals are for the Living

Media and salespeople urge you to plan your funeral—for “peace of mind.” But a piece (or peace) will be missing if you have not included in the planning process those who are likely to survive you. As parents we try to Read More →

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What is Preneed?

What is "Preneed"? "Preneed" is a term coined by the funeral industry to describe the arrangement and payment of a funeral prior to death. Obviously, if you are to have any say in it, you must plan in advance of your Read More →

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Veterans Burial Benefits

Regarding Veterans Burial Benefits, Including Cremation As Director for the San Diego Memorial Society I field the calls that come in to our office. Quite frequently I get the question about veteran's benefits. So I thought I'd put together some information Read More →

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