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Plan 1 2 3 4 5 6
Removal of remains from a hospital, medical facility or home in San Diego County X X X X X X
Staff, Equipment and Facilities for visitation and funeral service X X
Prepare obituary notices X X X X X X
Prepare and Process Death Certificates X X X X X X
Obtain California disposition permit X X X X X X
Transporting Decedent to Crematory X X X X
Container for transporting or storing cremains X X X X
Cardboard body container for Immediate Cremation X X X
Non-viewing casket for immediate burial X
Casket suitable for viewing (cloth covered with lining and hinged lid) X X
Delivery of remains to a cemetery in San Diego County X X X
Direct Cremation with un-witnessed scatting at sea, delivery to cemetery or mailed to destination of choice in U.S. X
Embalming X X
Cosmetics and Dressing of remains X X
Staff, Facilities & Equipment for Memorial Service X X
Religious service X X
Staff and Equipment for graveside service X
Guest Register Book X X X
Funeral Coach X
Crematory Fees X X X X
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The Plans Are

  1. Direct Cremation with return of cremains to family or friend.
  2. Direct Cremation, with unwitnessed scattering of cremains at sea or delivery to cemetery (local)
  3. Immediate Burial, simple casket
  4. Traditional Funeral with viewing, casket, full service and Burial.
  5. Traditional Funeral with Cremation, viewing, casket, chapel service.
  6. Cremation with Memorial Service.

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