The Plans Are

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Plan 1 2 3 4 5 6
Removal of remains from a hospital, medical facility or home in San Diego County X X X X X X
Staff, Equipment and Facilities for visitation and funeral service X X
Prepare obituary notices X X X X X X
Prepare and Process Death Certificates (County fees are extra, currently $21) X X X X X X
Prepare and Process California disposition permit (County fees are extra, currently $12 plus $8.50 DCA fee) X X X X X X
Transporting Decedent to Crematory X X X X
Container for transporting or storing cremains X X X X
Cardboard body container for Immediate Cremation X X X
Non-viewing casket for immediate burial X
Casket suitable for viewing (cloth covered with lining and hinged lid) X X
Delivery of remains to a cemetery in San Diego County X X X
Direct Cremation with un-witnessed scatting at sea, delivery to cemetery or mailed to destination of choice in U.S. X
Embalming X X
Cosmetics and Dressing of remains X X
Staff, Facilities & Equipment for Memorial Service X X
Religious service X X
Staff and Equipment for graveside service X
Guest Register Book X X X
Funeral Coach X
Crematory Fees X X X X
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