What Kind of Funeral Help Does The San Diego Memorial Society Provide?

San Diego Memorial Society - Funeral Help Serving San Diego County Since 1958 History: Founded by group from a local church because of the reaction to high cost of funerals. We provide funeral help. Became affiliated with Funeral Consumers Alliance in Read More →

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Funerals are for the Living

Media and salespeople urge you to plan your funeral—for “peace of mind.” But a piece (or peace) will be missing if you have not included in the planning process those who are likely to survive you. As parents we try to Read More →

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What is Preneed?

What is "Preneed"? "Preneed" is a term coined by the funeral industry to describe the arrangement and payment of a funeral prior to death. Obviously, if you are to have any say in it, you must plan in advance of your Read More →

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Veterans Burial Benefits

Regarding Veterans Burial Benefits, Including Cremation As Director for the San Diego Memorial Society I field the calls that come in to our office. Quite frequently I get the question about veteran's benefits. So I thought I'd put together some information Read More →

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Testimonials from our members

Here are two of the recent testimonials that our members have sent to us: Dearest San Diego Memorial Society Board, I became a member in 2008 as a precautionary measure to declining health.  I have lived another decade and was gifted Read More →

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San Diego Funerals – Common Funeral Myths

Are you wondering about San Diego Funerals and common funeral myths? Embalming is required by law. Embalming is NEVER required for the first 24 hours. In many states, it’s not required at all under any circumstances. Refrigeration is almost always an Read More →

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