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Serving San Diego County Since 1958


  • Founded by group from a local church because of the reaction to high cost of funerals. We provide funeral help.
  • Became affiliated with Funeral Consumers Alliance in 1960’s.
  • Has served over 33,000 local families and is San Diego’s “best kept secret”!

Purpose of the Society:

  • To educate consumers about their rights and responsibilities.
  • To bring together members and end-of-life services that reflect dignity and economic advantage by providing funeral help.

Consumer Responsibilities:

  • Accept death as being inevitable
  • Make decisions now rather than leaving it to someone else.
  • Choose between cremation and burial and deciding what sort of funeral help you need.
  • Have a written plan with a mortuary and/or cemetery and communicate plan with heirs.

What the Society does for you:

  • Educate members to make better decisions.
  • Contract with local mortuaries and cemeteries for substantial member discounts.
  • Qualify and monitor all service providers to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Membership Entitles You to:

  • Information and educational materials about cremation and burial options. (general funeral help)
  • Planning documents to authorize your choice of final arrangements.
  • Freedom from sales pressure at any participating mortuary or cemetery.
  • Discounted prices at any San Diego Memorial Society provider.

Member responsibilities:

  • Educate yourself about end-of-life options.
  • Looking over the type of funeral help is offered with 6 plans provided by our participating mortuaries.
  • Chose the type of funeral or cremation arrangements you want.
  • Discuss your wishes with your survivors and make sure they know what to do at the time of your death.
  • Inform your survivors if any funds are set aside for your funeral expenses.
  • Inform San Diego Memorial Society of any move or name change.
  • Promote and support the work of San Diego Memorial Society so it will be available for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • San Diego Memorial Society is not a prepaid funeral plan. We simply provide funeral help and pre-negotiated pricing through our participating mortuaries.
  • There are six bundled plans to choose from.
  • Twelve contracted mortuaries with transparent pricing on each of the six plans.
  • Additions and/or changes will result in higher costs.
  • Published discount prices are available to San Diego Memorial Society members only.
  • If you have a pre-paid plan elsewhere, you can change mortuaries, receive a refund, and take advantage of our discounts.
  • Bundled plans include everything required for a legal burial or cremation except the permits, death certificates and taxes.

How We Spread the Word:

  • Advertising, health fairs and group presentations letting people know about how we provide funeral help.
  • How can members help the Society grow: Word of mouth from our members to family members, friends, organizations.

How Do I Join?

  • Lifetime membership fee: $50 per person – $90 for two
  • Simply call us at 858-391-1267 and join over the phone.
  • OR, click here for the online “Application” – Easy to do!
  • We will send out your membership packet which includes your membership card and materials. Keep the card in your wallet and let your family know.

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