• Do I need a trust

Many people wonder if they need a trust. What are the asset limits that you must consider? What happens if you don't have a trust? We have some answers.

  • celebration of life ideas

How to Plan a Memorial Service

Need to plan a Celebration of LIfe service? Here are some tips on how to set the tone, who to invite, what special touches can be done to make it a memorable day.

  • When death occurs

Actions and Decisions to be Made after a Death has Occurred

Who to call FIRST … Hospice Nurse (if the deceased was in hospice care) or Call the Sheriff's Office at (858) 565-5200 if death occurs somewhere other than a nursing home or medical facility Next, decide whether to: Use a funeral home - See our list of privately owned mortuaries that we have pre-negotiated the pricing.  or Have family and Read More →

  • after death details

After-Death Checklist for Survivors

Many people find that having a checklist of decisions to be made and tasks to be done when a death occurs helps them to be better organized and, thus, reduces some of the anxiety associated with an emotional time. We hope you find this checklist helpful. Decide who will do what tasks Contact those who will take on responsibilities Have Read More →

  • POLST document

What is a POLST Document?

You've had a terrible accident at home or are at the end of life and now the end is drawing near. Something has necessitated the calling of EMTs (emergency medical technicians) and they are on their way. You may think that if you have an advanced directive that gives instruction to your loved ones when you become unable to make Read More →

  • planning a funeral

Planning a Funeral | 5 Key Tips

Planning a Funeral and/or making funeral arrangements at the last minute can be stressful, expensive, and disappointing in terms of services received. Planning ahead can provide the following benefits: Large cost savings, quite possibly cutting funeral costs by half.• Funeral service items you really value and want. Peace of mind because when funeral services are needed, you will have far Read More →

  • burial options

Life After Death: Burial Options in a Sustainable Future

Embalming, cremation and casket-making are far from eco-friendly. Some researchers want to return human bodies to the earth naturally. By Joan Meiners August 6, 2020 What might sustainable cemeteries of the future look like? Seattle-based Recompose says human compost, trees and modern architecture. (Credit: Olson Kundig)This story appeared in the September/October 2020 of Discover magazine as "Life After Death." We Read More →

  • cremation information

Cremation Information

This information is from the Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cemetery Purchases https://www.cfb.ca.gov/consumer/funeral.shtml CREMATION INFORMATION California law requires written acknowledgment of the following disclosure when cremation is to take place: "The human body burns with the casket, container, or other material in the cremation chamber. Some bone fragments are not combustible at the incineration temperature and, as a result, remain Read More →

  • final exit

Your Right to Die (An Overview of Final Exit Network)

This post is meant to be informative and not an endorsement. Final Exit Network's mission is: To educate qualified individuals in practical, peaceful ways to end their lives, offer a compassionate bedside presence and defend their right to choose. Their Vision is: That any competent person unbearably suffering an intractable medical condition has the option to die legally and peacefully. Read More →

  • save money on funeral

Financial Assistance for Funerals

Financial Assistance for Funerals: Information and Resources BA-FCA cannot provide direct financial assistance for funerals or death care, but we can help you find the best prices in the Bay Area for simple funeral arrangements, and we can direct you to some sources of financial help, listed below.  Social Security Death Benefits.   There is a one-time $255 Social Security death benefit available to Read More →

  • funeral costs

The FTC Funeral Rule and Funeral Costs

The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), makes it possible for you to choose only those goods and services you want or need and to pay only for those you select, whether you are making arrangements when a death occurs or in advance. The Rule allows you to compare prices among funeral homes, and makes it possible Read More →

  • Funeral Consumer Information

Funeral Consumer Information

For questions, contact Josh Slocum, Executive Director, Funeral Consumers Alliance, 802-233-6326, josh@funerals.org The Federal Trade Commission requires all funeral homes to give consumers price quotes by phone, and to give them a printed complete price list when they show up in person. In this current situation, families should ask a funeral home to email/fax a copy of their complete price Read More →

  • home burial

Is Home Burial Right For You?

Home burials were commonplace until the 1860's, according to the home funeral alliance. Death and grieving are often a highly personalized experience and before the 1860s the common practice was for a family to prepare the deceased body of their loved one and to bury the body in a church or farmyard. The service itself was held in the family Read More →

  • eco-friendly burial

Dust to Dust – eco-friendly burial options

By Amy Goldman Koss I recently saw an article about saving money on funeral costs, but the thing that grabbed me was the picture: It was of a wicker coffin! The basket-casket in the photo was lovely; sturdy but airy and decorated with a few flowers. “Hey!” I thought. “I wouldn’t mind being buried in that! And POOF! A huge chunk of Read More →


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