Do you really need an estate plan?

No one wants to talk about the possibility of dying, or what will happen to your loved ones after you’re gone. While it’s an understandably sensitive and difficult subject to broach, a lack of planning causes a lot of families to be caught off-guard if an unexpected tragedy occurs. An estate plan can alleviate that worry.

Establishing an estate plan early on and then continually readjusting your plan as needed throughout your lifetime can help you prepare for the future. Why not leave a legacy for the people you love?


The San Diego Memorial Society has been helping people with end-of-life options since 1958. Our goal is to educate people about all sorts of things but especially about not paying too much when the time comes for a burial or cremation. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

  • As a member of the Society you will receive a membership card which you should keep the card in your wallet.
  • In addition, you can choose a mortuary from our list of participating mortuaries.
  • You do not need to meet with the mortuary or pay in advance.
  • Simply let your family know what your wishes are.
  • Your family will call the mortuary directly once you pass.
  • You’ll receive the list of mortuaries and the 6 plans to choose from in your membership packet.
  • Also, you can click here and see the mortuaries and the transparent pricing here.

Join our current members, numbering over 34,000 who now have the peace of mind that comes from planning ahead.

OR, if you have just experienced the passing of a loved one and want to make arrangements you can still do it by calling us now. Your loved one can become a member even after passing.


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