What happens when tragedy strikes?

Several times a month I get a call saying, “I’m here with a family and they have just lost their loved one.” I know that family is in good hands, and that I am talking to a TIP volunteer.

When a tragedy of any sort happens in San Diego County the TIP (Trauma Intervention Programs) organization dispatches one of their highly qualified volunteers to be with that family requested by Emergency Personnel. They have been trained to know what to do in these crises situations. When tragedy strikes it can be very difficult to think clearly. Therefore having the assistance of a specially trained TIP volunteer can be incredibly important. Many decisions must be made during these times. Why not get the help of a fellow citizen who cares during these times?

Trauma Intervention ProgramsThe TIP motto is:

“Citizens helping citizens in crisis“

What a blessing it is to have volunteers who care enough to take their time to help others! I am truly grateful to know that there would be a caring heart to share their knowledge and comfort if I had a situation where I needed their services.

Please tell your loved ones about TIP. Let them know there are trained people who can help them through a crisis situation as part of the emergency response system. With diligence and compassion these volunteers work to assist those in need.

Trauma Intervention Programs (TIP) of San Diego, Inc., also known as TIP, is a non-profit volunteer-based program developed to provide support and assistance to those traumatically affected in emergency situations. When a trauma occurs, partnering agencies such as law enforcement, fire, and hospital personnel request a TIP volunteer to be with survivors to provide much needed emotional and practical support immediately following the crisis. TIP works closely with partnering agencies to provide a different dynamic to the emergency response system to meet the emotional needs of surviving victims. TIP San Diego is an affiliate of TIP National. To learn more about the TIP program, visit tipsandiego.org

Mission Statement: Our citizen volunteers will provide emotional first aid to survivors of tragedy in order to ease their immediate suffering and facilitate their healing and long-term recovery.

TIP (Trauma Intervention Programs) and The San Diego Memorial Society

In reading about what the volunteers provide I came across this :
“Protect the victim from making impulsive decisions. Most major decisions can wait until the victim is thinking more clearly. Protect the victim from being victimized by others who may not have the victim’s best interest in mind. Provide for the victim’s physical needs … food, medicine, shelter, a safe place, etc.”

That is exactly why the San Diego Memorial Society was created back in 1958. Because we have now, for 60 years, provided an alternative to high priced burial and cremation services. These impulsive decisions can be avoided if you plan ahead or if you have a caring citizen by your side who tells you about The San Diego Memorial Society. Our number is 858-391-1267

Trauma Intervention Programs VolunteerVolunteer

Trauma Intervention Programs (TIP) of San Diego, Inc. TIP is looking for compassionate individuals who want to assist in serving our community.
Click here for a list of prerequisites:

Additional Information about TIP (Trauma Intervention Programs)

• The TIP website is www.TIPSanDiego.org There is a lot of information there including a link to other resources.
• They are an organization, made up of volunteers. They are celebrating their 30th anniversary of helping citizens. (will be 33rd now)
• TIP is called out by first responders, to help citizens who are going through a traumatic event. We are with them in those first few hours.
• They offer Trauma Intervention Programs for volunteers who can help others in their time of need.
• They help with things like calls, information on mortuaries/crematories, scene clean up, grief materials etc.

The San Diego Memorial Society

• Looking for low cost cremation or burial plans?
• We partner with 12 participating mortuaries in San Diego County. We have pre-negotiated pricing with each one that we pass on to you!
• Need a low cost cremation and burial plan?
• We are your non-profit, non-pressure alternative to the high cost of funerals.
• Click here to see a list of our participating mortuaries.

Or call us today and we will answer any questions you might have. 858-391-1267