How to Write an Obituary

This article comes from Losing a loved one is one of the most emotionally challenging things we can face in our lives. Writing an obituary can help us memorialize the life and legacy of a special person we lost, as Read More →

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After-Death Checklist for Survivors

Many people find that having a checklist of decisions to be made and tasks to be done when a death occurs helps them to be better organized and, thus, reduces some of the anxiety associated with an emotional time. We hope Read More →

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What is a POLST Document?

You've had a terrible accident at home or are at the end of life and now the end is drawing near. Something has necessitated the calling of EMTs (emergency medical technicians) and they are on their way. You may think that Read More →

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Vital Statistics Information Sheet

When faced with the death of a loved one or if you are planning ahead, one thing you can do is prepare the Vital Statistics Information Sheet. Death certificates are purchased from the County records department and at this time (2/11/2020) Read More →

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