When faced with the death of a loved one or if you are planning ahead, one thing you can do is prepare the Vital Statistics Information Sheet.

Death certificates are purchased from the County records department and at this time (2/11/2020) are $21 each.

How many death certificates do you need?

The amount of death certificates needed varies depending on the size of the estate you are managing. If there are several properties, investment and bank accounts that need to be closed or modified then you will need more death certificates than someone with one bank account and no property.

The following required information is needed for a State of California “Death Certificate” and must be accurate. All questions pertain to the person that you are providing us with information about. Please print and answer all questions completely. If the question in not known – print “Unknown”. If the question is not applicable – print “NA”. A birth certificate, marriage certificate or Veterans form VA DD214 discharge-separation form, may be helpful on some information required.

By clicking here you can access the Vital Statistics Information Sheet and print it out for your records. Fill it out completely and have it on hand for the mortuary. They will prepare the death certificate.

Are death certificates public record?

In most of the United States, death certificates are considered public domain documents and can therefore be obtained for any individual regardless of the requester’s relationship to the deceased.

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